Welcome to Sitka Adventist School's website!

We are a 1-8 private primary school located in Sitka, AK. 

Our staff are committed to providing

  • quality education 
  • a loving, safe, Christ-filled environment 
  • no required religious belief or statement of faith 
  • focus on helping the children to be successful
  • stimulation of curiosity and exploration of the world
  • attitudes of hope and gratitude
  • treatment with kindness and respect
  • time-tested character guidance, not a bunch of tests!

We have noticed that the literature of ancient people is the ground from which human civilization has sprung.

And so we do incorporate Bible stories and a sense of the wonder of God's world into every school day -- and we find children are happy and comfortable in this nurturing environment. 

The teacher and principal is Kallie McCutcheon, a licensed teacher with years of experience in both secular and Christian schools. Kallie is expecting a baby in January, and so the first three months of the coming semester will be taught by her college professor, who has thirty years of experience and still brings the joy of children and discovery to every classroom day.

Fast facts about our school & all Adventist schools:

  • We are the only all-day Christian school in Sitka, Alaska! 
  • Students from any religion or walk of life are welcome to enroll. 
  • We provide a small multi-age learning lab environment.
  • Students learn from the greatest Teacher who ever lived, Jesus! 
  • Students perform experiments, play outside, perform skits, play handchimes, go for hikes, go on field trips, and have hot lunches with parents and community members.
  • We are nationally accredited!