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From Generation Unto Generation

Three generations of the Eliason family have received the benefits of the Sitka Adventist
School system. When I moved to Sitka in 1960, I started 1st grade at SAS where I
continued for 8 years. I loved the school, developed lifelong friends there, and believe it
provided the foundation for success and spiritual grounding that has carried me
throughout my life. When I had 3 children of my own, there was no question that they
would all attend the same school. Now my grandchildren benefit from the same quality
Christian education. My children had the added benefit of continuing in the Adventist
School System throughout high school, and some into college. My parents before me
had been educated in the same system, though not in Sitka. I will be eternally grateful
for the education I received, to my parents who sacrificed to send me there, and to the
dedicated teachers and staff who continue to work in students’ lives to prepare them for

The Adventist school system is a fully accredited worldwide educational system. I
would encourage any parent to check it out and invest in your child’s future.

Tammy Eliason